Why Regressions

Why Would I Want to Be Regressed?

Regressions are for those who want to find out meaningful aspects of themselves and their lives, which they have not been able to find out in other ways. 


What happened during those strange visits by unusual beings and who were those beings and what did they want to do with me? 

Were they Extraterrestrial beings or beings from another dimension? 

What is the meaning of these experiences and how can I live with them?

You might want to know the origin of a particular habit, emotion, behavior, phobia, or troublesome issue you have. Do you want to know about significant past lives that may be affecting you in this current lifetime?

Find out what your soul wanted you to learn or accomplish before coming into this lifetime.  Receive guidance from your soul/higher self or spirit guides.  All of these interests and more can be accomplished in regression therapy. 

People who come to me are usually between the ages of 20 and 85, and they seek to know meaningful aspects of themselves and their lives. Often they have had anomalous experiences which they cannot explain or understand, and which they can’t share with anyone else.  I listen to my clients acceptingly and without judgment—I understand their issues. Because the regression helps them put things into a clearer perspective, my clients find they can navigate a better way of living. 

In a regression session we talk about the person’s life and the aspects he has been wondering about. He chooses the subject or event he most wants to know about, and we use that as the focus for the regression. After several minutes of guided relaxation and focussing his attention on the chosen subject, information comes into the person’s mind or the reliving of the event begins, with the event unfolding as if being re-lived from the beginning through the end. 

This happens because the subconscious part of the mind records everything we do and experience, whether or not we are conscious of it, and that part of the mind stores the material, releasing it to our awareness when we are in a state of open receptivity.  This is how we can know the details of an experience in the past which we were not consciously aware of at the time. The same is true for our gaining “higher knowledge and guidance.” Our soul, our higher self, and our guides are always with us and are ready to give us helpful perspectives and answers when we truly ask for them.