Hypnotic Therapy

What is a Regression with Me Like?

Regression sessions can uncover the details and answer these and many other questions you have while they can give you insight and meaning.

A regression session with me is like talking to a good friend.


We start our session by discussing what you want to find out in the regression. Then I guide you into a state of deep relaxation. In this very relaxed state, you have a vivid sense of reliving the details of the past event or situation.


In a deep state of hypnosis, my clients often gain significant meaning, insight, and guidance. The subconscious part of your mind records everything you experience, even events you otherwise may not consciously recall. The sessions reveal details and foster a better understanding of life events.

Your Higher Knowing (your Soul) and your Guides are always with you and can give you insight and guidance.

My clients have discovered that this information impacts their current lives in ways they could not have even imagined.


Each regression session is scheduled for three hours and the fee for each session is $250. Sessions in-person or virtual (Skype).

Pay by cash/check or Paypal.


San Diego

1PM-6PM (Pacific Time)

Monday – Sunday