“Barbara School” Episode #11 – Evidence of Visits from Spirits & Other Beings

In this episode, Barbara talks about evidence of visits from spirits and/or other beings, including loved ones in her own life and in the lives of those close to her.  The examples Barbara gives are undeniable and startling; and too “coincidental” to be dismissed.  Barbara hopes that by sharing this evidence, listeners will feel encouraged to further investigate the increasing proof that “life”, or consciousness, does continue after the physical body has gone.  We also hope that listeners who have had similar experiences will feel validated and supported, and will continue to be curious and exploratory about the exciting mysteries of our human experience! 

To contact Barbara: 

► Website:  https://barbaralambregressions.com/about-barbara-lamb/

►Youtube | https://www.youtube.com/@barbaralambetregressions3682

►Regression Appointments: https://barbaralambregressions.com/contact-barbara-lamb/

►Books: https://barbaralambregressions.com/books-by-barbara-lamb/


About the “Barbara Lamb School” series:

Over many years, Barbara Lamb has shared her decades of exceptional research, experience and knowledge about cosmic visitors to Earth, human consciousness, and how we are deeply connected with what – and who – is “out there”.  She has documented thousands of cases of past-life regression and ET contact through her work as a psychotherapist and regression therapist.  

However, in this series, Sinéad asks Barbara about her personal reflections on her own extraordinary experiences.  This is a side of Barbara you may not have heard before.  Each episode is based on a different experience Barbara has had – and how these moments have changed her life, changed her mind, and lead her down a path of learning, investigation and exploration that she could never have imagined.  Barbara Lamb is one of the leading regression therapists and extra-terrestrial researchers in the world, and has always been at the forefront of exploration into the connection between human beings, consciousness, and the cosmos. 

Sinéad Whelehan is an ET and UFO experiencer who was an interview and research assistant for Grant Cameron for two years.  She has interviewed such leaders in the paranormal field as Paul Wallis, Leslie Kean, Eben Alexander, Sarah Breskman Cosme, Darryl Anka and others.

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